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>> i just know they are probably upset over the fact that a 15- year-old now has to comprehend a 35-year sentence. >> that is the prison term robert gladden jr. received for first-degree attempted murder. he was dressed in a green shirt when he began to pull a double barrel shotgun from his pants. he hit a special need student who was sitting at a table. that was on august 27, the first day of school. gladden said he was trying to make a statement that the world was messed up. he wants to kill himself and take others with him. last week he pleaded guilty. monday he called his actions senseless, beg for forgiveness, and accepted the consequences. the judge said there was no evidence gladden was a hardened
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killer, but he certainly was a delivered killer on august 27. >> i am not satisfied with anything, because i think everybody lost. he needs to be punished, but my heart goes out to him. >> there are a lot of hurt people. we are heard on are in because danny was hurt. they are hurting on therein. he is a boy that is going to jail. he committed a crime. they are hurting, we are hurting, there is no winner. >> gladden was also sentenced to 20 years in prison for use of a firearm in commission within -- a crime of violence. that will run concurrently with the 35-year term. the judge said he would recommend that gladden be sentenced to the patuxent institute.
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>> two people are dead after an overnight shooting in northeast baltimore. detectives were called to my pillar street just before midnight where they found a man lying in the street, shot in the head. they discovered, and also shot in a vehicle parked right of the street. police have no leads on a motive or a suspect, but anyone with information is urged to call city police. we are learning more tonight about a story we brought you last week. two people found dead in a burning car in west baltimore. police are identifying the victims aspects of lisa stricklen and taewon tuck. bar officials had initially listed the primary cause of death as smoke inhalation and possible burns from the fire. there is no word tonight on the suspect or motive. >> a teacher at bellaire county
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-- 34-year-old anthony farris is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-roll student. he was taken into custody friday afternoon. investigators say he was working as a helper at the high school. he is currently free on $50,000 bond. >> thousands of demonstrators in baltimore city or descending on the annapolis. a rally is scheduled to take place just a little over an hour from now, pushing for state funding to fix up baltimore city schools. lisa robinson joins us live from the city springs elementary in east baltimore where those renovations are sorely needed. >> the people you see behind me , students, parents, administrators will be leaving here shortly to go to annapolis to attend that rally. they want the legislature to commit to new construction. if you take a walk inside the
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school, you will see why new is needed. city springs elementary school has great kids and caring teachers. they are trying to do great things in a building that is out of date, with an adequate space and poor equipment. >> when students come to school in a building that is old and in need of repair or replacement, and compare that with children who are going to school every day in a brand new, modern facility, of course the children attending the modern facility have an advantage. >> the principal showed us her facility. is the practice is held on the auditorium stage because there is a classroom for music. auditorium chairs are falling apart. the pipes in the back for more continually breaking and leaking. always used as a classroom. >> there is no office space for them. the stairwell was even turned into an office. >> the environment is sometimes
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not conducive to learning because of a lack of air conditioning or not having appropriate space to work in. >> the school opened in 1968. it has an antiquated fire alarm system. >> is something happens and the alarm goes off, if a child pulls of our long, for example, i have no way of knowing which station was pulled. we have to run around the building and try and find which one was pulled. sometimes that takes a while. >> students are then left standing out in the rain and cold. when it is time to play, this is what they have. >> there is uneven blacktop. there is really not any grass. that play football on concrete. >> like many other educators and parents, she has a long wish list and simply wants the legislature to act in favor of the children. >> i want them to know that we
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need new facilities in baltimore city. i want them to pass the bill so that we can have that. our children deserve that. >> that rally is from 6:30 until 8:00 in annapolis. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is expected to join them as well as the baltimore city schools superintendent. lisa robinson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> employers and lawmakers across maryland are keeping a close eye on what is happening right now and washington. if the budget battle is not resolved by friday, maryland is one of the states that will be hit the hardest. we have team coverage of the sequester countdown. lowell melser is standing by in baltimore with a look at the local impact. we will begin with steve handelsman, who has the latest on negotiations on capitol hill. >> democrats are trying to make sequestration look terrible. republicans are trying to say it doesn't have to be so bad.
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neither side is really doing much to try to prevent it. lawmakers return to the house, and the senate is back in session. with no talks reported under way to put off the sequester friday, president obama pressure republicans. >> these cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off any time with just a little bit of compromise. >> republicans will not compromise on taxes. >> we are not willing to put revenue on the table. the cuts are going to occur. >> the white house sent out 50 reports detailing how the $83 billion in cuts would impact each state. in alabama, 27,000 defense department's employees would be furloughed. 500 at risk kids would lose child care. 2100 kids would not get needed vaccines. but at the white house today, governors were split about what
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lawmakers ought to do. a democrat from connecticut. >> they need to get out of that box that sits under the dome and understand that this has real implications in people's lives. >> republican bobby jindal of louisiana says sequester is ok. >> enough is enough. now is the time to cut spending. it can be done without jeopardize in the economy or critical services. they should stop trying to scare the american people. but this was the obama secretary of homeland security today. >> i don't think we can maintain the same level of security at all places around the country with sequester as without sequestered. >> in columbus, mississippi, they are getting set to shut the airport control tower. most agree the cuts are coming. republicans are charging president obama is trying to maximize the effects of sequestration to blame them. steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11
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news. >> as you heard, sequestration could have a devastating impact on maryland. the state board of revenue estimates maryland could lose more than 12,000 jobs and $2.50 billion in wages. lowell melser as live downtown. that is a lot of jobs and a lot of money. >> we thought we would pick a spot here in baltimore city. we are standing in front of baltimore city police headquarters to serve as an example of what you were talking about there. according to the white house, if those automatic spending cuts stuckey ken, law enforcement agencies around the state like those here in baltimore city stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars that would go toward crime prevention. it is just the tip of the iceberg in cuts around the state. >> are federal team for this region is united in our efforts to avoid the hardship of sequestration. next u.s. senator ben cardin holds a town hall style meeting monday with employees at the social security administration
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headquarters in woodlawn. most are in danger of possibly being furloughed and were hoping for good news from the senator. >> we have had some assurances we will probably not have of furlough. >> according to the white house, congress -- if congress does not work out a deal by friday, maryland stands to get hit in five main areas, including the military law enforcement, education, public health, job training and child care, and the environment. >> i know you cannot avoid people losing income or their jobs. that is going to happen. >> senator carden seems to feel that a deal will not come by friday, but furloughs and job losses could take more than a month, giving lawmakers a little more time. the cuts for marylanders are among the most harshest in the country.
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within $40 million could be cut for primary and secondary education. just be a drastic cuts toward infectious disease prevention, and cuts for clean water and air quality. the senator says he is confident something will eventually be worked out in the short term, but like many others on capitol hill, he would like a long-term solution. >> we need to get this done. we need to deal with the other problems of this country and creating jobs and leading the world. let's get this issue behind us and let's do it permanently. >> it is, even the blue angels, who he enjoyed watching this it -- fly over the city this summer, are in danger of being rounded over these cuts. for more information, log onto our web site," lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still ahead, fire crews called to the scene of a burning home in anne arundel county said they found two men inside.
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investigators say something else found inside the building may have sparked the blaze. >> we have all heard the rule, eight glasses of water a day. a new study is challenging what doctors have been telling us for years. >> there is a flood watch for
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x investigators are trying to figure out whether oxygen tanks found inside this home or the reason might wind up in flames. a man is in critical condition after being pulled from the burning home at about 7:30 last night -- last night. a neighbor reportedly ran into the billing to try to save the other man's life. investigators are still trying to figure out how an elderly woman lit herself on fire this afternoon in anne arundel county. officials say an 18-year-old man was also injured after rushing to her rescue. skyteam 11 was over the scene around 1:30 this afternoon. we are told both victims are being treated at bayview burn center with serious but not life-threatening injuries. the investigation is continuing. >> calcium and vitamin e
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supplements are often recommended to women to avoid osteoporosis as they get older. now some new recommendations a most women probably won't see a benefit from the pills. a task force could not find enough evidence to recommend for or against pre menopausal women taking calcium and vitamin d. for post menopausal women taking low doses of the supplement, study showed no benefit and an increased risk for kidney stones. doctors agree the best source of calcium is through your diet. milk, yogurt, and leave the greens pack a high calcium punch, getting sun every day and eating fish boosts levels of vitamin d. how many times have you heard the rule that we should be drinking a glass of water a day? is that really true? we will look at a recent medical article that may surprise you. >> catherine is like lots of people. she tries to follow the rules of
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drinking 8 ounces of water eight times a day. >> that is probably 24 ounces, i think. throughout the day, i drink a lot of perrier, so i am drinking a lot of water. >> according to an article from dartmouth medical school, the 8 by 8 theory is false. there is no research to back it up. there are certain situations were drinking a lot of water is necessary, like being in a hot climate are doing vigorous exercise, and there are certain medical conditions that require extra hydration, but overall -- >> people are generally pretty good at regulating their own fluid and balance. we get thirsty long before we become dilated. -- before become dehydrated. >> water does not really affect
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the satiety center in our brain. >> not just water, but any beverage that we drink, including alcohol. birr, for example can be tallied in the total intake. >> i think that is great. i had not realized that. i did not even know if perrier counted as water. the idea that wine counts as a water beverage is good news. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> this late february day check in with pretty normal temperatures. we were supposed to be hitting 47 for a high, and that is right where were this afternoon down at bwi marshall airport.
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morning low of 27 was right on target, too. 28 is the normal low. eight was the record back in 1914. brown the region we are cooling back into the low 40's with some of regarded's in western maryland. overnight tonight with mostly cloudy -- mostly clear skies, a little bit chilly again. 34 near the inner harbor. when is generally light at a north or northeast. the sunset coming up at 5:55. a flood watch in effect for tomorrow evening. tomorrow, clouds and rain, moderate to heavy. if you get into the colder air, trapped in the valley down in western maryland, down in washington county back into the allegheny county and into garrett county, there are advisories and warnings for
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winter weather and some of it will be sleet and freezing rain. if you have travel plans, this might slow you down a little bit here with some icy conditions and just a hint of snow. this storm system is putting down some moderate to heavy snow from the texas panhandle, oklahoma and kansas getting hit hard again. there are showers and heavy thunderstorms along the gulf coast. heading up into the ohio valley to the west, we will be on the warmer side of it and all that moisture will start spreading into the mid-atlantic. that is why we have the flood watch and an emphasis on rain, not winter weather. we do expect some snow and sleet in western maryland and is possible as the first train reaches baltimore after 3:00 in the afternoon, there could be a little sleep mixed then. our problem will be the evening rush-hour tomorrow morning with just a moderate rain. the rain continues tomorrow
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night and in so early in the morning wednesday. we should see sunshine during the middle part of the day wednesday with mild temperatures and the back edge of the storm rolled through with scattered rain showers and a blast of cooler air coming in behind the system with gusty winds wednesday night into thursday. that will generate more snow in the western maryland mountains. tomorrow, highs of 39-44, rain begins in the afternoon with a little sleep at the beginning and then in east wind at 10-20 miles an hour. one-2 foot waves on the open waters of the bay. an icy mixture more, rain, sleet, snow, changing over to freezing rain with highs only around freezing. be careful out there in garrett and allegheny county. on the eastern shore, emphasis on the rain, some of that heavy tomorrow afternoon and evening. all the web to 55 degrees on
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wednesday. it -- all the way up to 55 degrees on wednesday. a wet day tomorrow, with a high of only 41. scattered showers late in the day wednesday. cooler weather thursday and friday and then dry weather takes us into the weekend with temperatures below normal. >> still ahead, a dark cloud cast over pope benedict xvi's final days. >> volunteers are valuable to any organization, but many times they go unnoticed. how you can change that.
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>> for those hoping there'll be a new pulp in place by easter, sooner.ect a successor cente there is a cloud over benedictus final days.
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>> this morning the press room was packed with journalists from all over the world, all waiting for the big announcement. the vatican spokesperson confirmed that the pope has changed the canon law that set the rules for the election of the pope. it was meant to start between march 15 and 20, but now the cardinals will be allowed to change that and start the conclave as early as the first day of march. >> it is only determined once the cardinals began meeting, and we do not expect the meeting to take place before march 1. >> the spokesperson said that pope benedict xvi has accepted the offer of resignation by carl l. o'brien -- cardinal o'brien. he said he would not come to rome and participate in the conclave because he did not want the media attention on him and
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taken away from the election of the pope. never before has a cardinal renounced his right to participate in the election of the pope because of scandals involving him. all eyes are now on cardinal mahony of los angeles. a scandal has engulfed him as well. let's see if the o'brien decision will change his mind. >> coming up, a baltimore county councilman accused of getting behind the wheel with a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. >> todd huff announces his first-ever toward facing the consequences. >> a new report shows declining dropout rates are around the country. >> i am rob roblin. who will be performing at the preakness this year? that story's coming up.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m., with stan stovall and donna hamilton, your forecast with tom tasselmyer, and skyteam 11, covering breaking news where you live. wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> of the announcement today at pimlico as mr. worldwide is headed to the preakness. this is that this year for the clean up atmosphere at the preakness.
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>> quite a bit less drinking, but some of the ax performing. rob roblin shows us this year in field acts include pitbull. >> 82 days until preakness day and today they announced the entertainment that will be performing in the infield. today the big announcement for this year's preakness infield. ♪ pitbull will be one of the main attractions at preakness this year. the miami native has performed in south america, europe, canada, the united states, and australia. his current single is a huge hit. >> it is very electric. is dance, movement, very little
5:31 pm
controversy, just a feel-good type of dance. ♪ >> mclemore and ryan lizza are more hip-hop. -- brian lewis. they are topping the charge right now. they are very hot right now. when you look at it from pimlico or the jockey club perspective, we are trying to get young, new talent that is on their way up. >> pimlico officials say the crowds are coming back. >> over the years, we continue to grow. i think the guests are happy. >> there will be other changes this year. >> we will team up a little bit with the baltimore city sports and we will see some football and other things out there.
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>> this year's preakness this saturday, may 18. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> is going to be a party there for sure. here is a look at some of our other top stories this hour. 35 years behind bars for robert gladden jr., the city pleaded guilty to attempted murder in the perry hall high school shooting. the shooting on the first day of school injured daniel borowy, who has recovered. >> police say when they pulled over todd huff around 2:30 saturday morning in towson, his blood alcohol level was. 20. we received a statement from the councilman in which he said he deeply regrets it. this is a live look right now at what is expected to be a big
5:33 pm
rally in annapolis. thousands of demonstrators from baltimore city are supposedly headed to lawyer small to support a plan to create block grants for schools. legislation has been filed to create the program which supporters say will create more than $1 billion to remodel up to 65 schools. the mayor is scheduled to speak tonight. >> new research shows the u.s. is now on track to achieve a 90% high school graduation rate by the year 2020 for the first time. despite the progress, the report found disparities continue for minorities and students with disabilities. danielle lee is in washington with more on what is working and what needs to change. >> this report confirms schools are having the greatest success when they have community support, and also when they create individualized programs that target high-risk students. >> just over two years ago, this
5:34 pm
20-year-old never imagined he would be teach critics speaking at a national education summit. he dropped out of -- that he would be speaking at a national education summit. today he is a high-school graduate planning for college. he says his counselor helped him into an accelerated learning program. the report found individualized programs like the one white attended are playing a key role in improving graduation rates. the report found 20 states have reached or are on pace to reach a 95% graduation rate by 2020. seven need to make moderate improvements to achieve that goal and the remaining 23 need to significantly accelerate that growth. >> part of it is communities rallying behind kids. >> father has been a significant drop in the number of dropouts, and throughout the country, more
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than 1400 high-school are still struggling. that many cases with fewer than 60% of students who start school in ninth grade continuing through their senior. colin powell called improving graduation rates a growing challenge. gaps remain for minority students and those with learning disabilities. >> we have no more important task and to prepare the next generation of lot -- of youngsters to take leadership in our country. >> he said it means giving even the weakest students a fighting chance. >> that will highlight the role of early education plays in the achievement gap. the comments come just weeks after president obama called the sandy creek school opportunity a primary opportunity. >> the numbers don't lie. while the nation's unemployment rates -- rate is at 8.7%, the situation is worth -- worse for
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military veterans. the stats are what propelled the major job fair this afternoon in towson, part of a nationwide program called hiring our heroes. local veterans got a chance to meet with employers who are ready to hire in the greater baltimore area. the chamber of commerce initiative has helped more than 14,000 veterans and their spouses find jobs over the past two years. >> we have breaking news involving a light rail train in downtown baltimore. let's go to skyteam 11 in captain roy taylor for the latest. >> howard street north of baltimore street is what we are seeing right now. light rail involved in a crash with the vehicle at this location. we understand there is one injury and we do not know the severity of injuries. the problem is that northbound howard is shutdown due to this, and also it looks like either fairmount park or fayette street. is also shut down westbound due
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to this accident. >> oscar pistorius free and out of jail. >> details on the conditions of his bail and details of another family member facing serious criminal charges. >> a major change it announced for m&t bank stadium at camden
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>> tomorrow, and maryland law will be spotlighted in the supreme court. for years, maryland has required anyone convicted of a serious crime to provide a dna sample. in 2009, the law was changed so that people arrested for certain violent crimes would also have to give a sample. in the last four years, those samples have led to 43 convictions. some argue is against detainees fourth amendment rights. jayne miller will be inside the supreme court for that hearing. you can see her report tomorrow night right here on 11 news.
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>> the details surrounding oscar pistorius's bond agreement. he was released on bail on friday. he is free to live his life, but with some restrictions. he is spending his release at his uncle's house and that is where officials will visit him at least four times per month. his older brother is now facing homicide charges of his own. he is accused of driving recklessly and a car accident six years ago in which a woman on a motorcycle was killed. >> a federal investigation now under way into a dangerous problem with four cars and suvs. beck's the vehicles that are under the microscope, and why. >> the next time we see jacoby jones dance, he is changing the end zone for the dance floor. >> a big storm tracking next to >> a big storm tracking next to us
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it could be devastating to maryland. thousands of jobs and $2.50 billion of wages at risk. the latest on sequestration in washington. thousands gather in annapolis, for pushing for state education funding to help rebuild baltimore schools. we'll have a live report and much m
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>> a blizzard conditions closing down highways in texas, and kansans are beginning to feel the effects of the latest storm. some of the most severe weather there will likely be in reach of our area. jay gray has an update. >> we have had a mix of freezing rain and snow throughout the day and as we move through the evening, conditions are only expected to take a turn for the worse. for the second time in as many weeks, snow is swallowing the planes. -- the plains. deepest in the texas panhandle. this video from amarillo was on social media's sides tonight -- today to worry -- to warn travelers. it was so bad, interstate 40 just outside the city was shut down. the storm is not as intense in
5:46 pm
wichita, kan., just yet, but still causing problems. big, heavy flakes are making roadways tough to navigate. this driver slid off the street and had to get some help to dig his way out. still, some have decided to brave the elements to stock up on provisions before conditions get even worse. the system is going to linger for a while. forecasters say the snow will continue through tomorrow morning, leaving many with back- to-back winter blast, looking for a little relief. >> i am already ready for summer. >> unfortunately, it does not look like winter is ready to give away any time soon. by the time the storm is finished, forecasters expect another foot of snow or more on the ground here. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tornado season as rider on the corner.
5:47 pm
-- right around the corner. that storm going from the texas panhandle into chicago and the great lakes. we are on the side, which is the warmer side. that is the rainy side, though. no complaint about the rain tomorrow. temperatures here were normal today, 47 for the high. 83 degrees was the record high that in 1930. the low degree at -- the load today has been 27. downtown baltimore currently at 47. low 40's of near the pennsylvania line. out in western maryland, that is the part of mistake that might be dealing with some wintry conditions tomorrow afternoon and evening as that midwestern storm approaches our area. 37-44 for the low. sunset at 5:55. up flood watch in effect for all of central maryland.
5:48 pm
if we get moderate rain or some heavy rain tomorrow evening, it could cause low-lying areas to flood. the bigger problem would be the icy conditions in play out in western maryland, western derrek and allegany counties where a winter storm warning is in effect for icy conditions. a winter weather revisory as far east as washington county. moderate to heavy snow from western oklahoma up into southeastern kansas. then heavy rain and thunderstorms on the gulf coast, and all of this is gradually moving east. the center of the storm is coming up across the midwest, drawing warm, moist air out of the gulf and aiming it right at the eastern seaboard. clouds here will rapidly increase tomorrow morning while snow and sleet develop in the mountains. rain will develop here that could become heavy during the evening rush-hour. a little sleep could be mixed with that reign as the begins tomorrow afternoon, but most of
5:49 pm
it will be rain, and could be heavy at times. we will clear out wednesday morning and with the west win and sunshine, wednesday will be a mild day before another front moves in on wednesday night and then the temperatures will drop back through the end of the week as the snow continues in western maryland. 39-44 tomorrow, and the east wind will track the chilly air around baltimore. our temperatures will not change much during the day but we will be above freezing. out on the bay, winds will be coming out of the east-northeast and the national weather service has a small craft advisory flag flying on the bay tomorrow. western maryland, icy conditions tomorrow and a rain and snow mixed on wednesday. up to 55 on wednesday and at the coast, near 60 on wednesday. then it will cool off at the end of the week. tomorrow, temperatures are stuck
5:50 pm
in the upper 38's low 40's. a chance for a flurry and then dry and chilly going into the beginning of march over the weekend. >> federal safety regulators are now investigating thousands of ford cars and suvs for engine problems. the ntsb administrators say the probe of texas board pugin and mercury milan sedans. these are from 2009-2011 model years. ford had received nearly 1500 complaints about stalling or surging engines. the investigation could lead to a recall. a closer look at how the nationwide fiscal crisis is impacting local real estate. that is what baltimore county officials were addressing this morning.
5:51 pm
county executive kevin kamenetz says they are still struggling with the impact of the great recession. when it comes to looking forward, he sees the glass as half full. >> we have made a lot of the fiscal management changes in baltimore county that allows them to move forward without having to raise taxes to keep that aaa bond rating. >> he tells us he expects the market to be impacted by some new investment into the county, including the metro center which is opening at owings mills. >> with the tax deadline quickly approaching, some taxpayers are about to find out how costly it can be to do what many financial advisers called a big mistake, raiding their 401k to pay monthly bills. the number of people participating in for a one k retirement plans reached an all- time high last year, but the
5:52 pm
downside, one in four americans are raiding their account to need every day financial needs. a dowsers say it comes at a price. >> in addition to taking money out, you pay tax penalties on that withdrawn money. >> those who raided their accounts last year will find out how expensive on april 15. some personal financial experts say it should be done only as a last resort. would you ever considered that -- getting just $1 at an atm machine? consumers could get more flexibility. they are called smart atm's, and for now they are just for chase bank customers. people can get up to $1,000 in any denomination, allow people to get the exact amount they need. the screen looks like a giant ipad. right now there are only four hundred of them across the country, but consumer analysts expect other companies to follow
5:53 pm
that lead in the future. the maryland stadium authority is launching a new policy banning smoking completely at m&t bank stadium including the entire camden yards. it applies to all games and all events and prohibit smoking within 25 feet of any entry or operable windows. it goes into effect on march 4. officials say they will have some type of plan in place for the game. >> jacoby jones will be doing a different kind of dancing. he will be on the next season of dancing with the stars. three other nfl players have won the competition. if his dance moves in the end zone are any indicator, he has a good shot in season 16.
5:54 pm
demonstrators are converging on annapolis in a push for education funding. the latest in an effort to improve dozens of baltimore city schools in need of serious renovation. >> thanking those who rarely get the thanks they deserve. we will explain, coming up.
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5:56 pm
x the search is on tonight for maryland's most outstanding volunteers, but the research has that age requirement.
5:57 pm
george lettis has details. >> home instead senior care understands the value of volunteers, especially those 65 and older, who often have the time to assist the elderly across maryland get the care they needed home. >> they don't expect anybody to say thank you to them, and we want to make a concerted effort to recognize these people. >> the company started a salute to senior service program where anyone can name someone over 65 to win the award for outstanding volunteer. the winner would receive $500 to give to their favorite non- profit and then gone to compete at the national level to compete for $5,000 for that same organization. marty was the winner last year. >> when god tapped me on the shoulder and said do something
5:58 pm
about people moving into motels, i did not even know there were homeless people in the motels. it turns out there were 300 or more. >> nominations must be registered on line by march 31. the person nominated does not have to work in the senior care or health care in -- industry. defined and how to nominate someone go to our website, >> that is all for us at 5:00. here is a look at what is coming at new at 6:00. >> i am kerry cavanaugh, live in annapolis. 'll tell you about the event that is drawing parents, students, and teachers here by the busload. >> what sequestration means for maryland as far as cuts. i will have a live report. >> of 15-year-old gets a 35-year prison sentence. i am barry simms, with details coming up.
5:59 pm
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> are big story at 6:00, a rally in annapolis in support of a big block grant bill. >> today we visited one of the schools that would benefit from the bill. its principals showed us around the facility that she called outdated and says fails to meet the needs of educators and students. they hold music classes on the auditorium stage. >> the environment sometimes is not conducive for learning because of facility problems like the lack of air conditioning or not having appropriate space. >> thousands of educators, parents, and other supporters of the block grant bill or
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